Whitehouse Students Learn "The Sport of Kings"

Golf has been called "The Sport of Kings," so it doesn't hurt to learn the sport while you're still young.

That's why Whitehouse Junior High offered students a crash course in "Golf 101" during their gym classes Monday. A professional PGA member, Darrell Chase, even came out to instruct the class.

Gym teachers say golf is a sport few kids are exposed to when they're young...but one they may take up later in life.

"This is an opportunity for them to at least be exposed to it," said Darrell Chase a PGA golfer who works at Peachtree Golf Club. "They may not take it up right now, but later in life, when they have an opportunity they can.

"The lessons are part of a cooperative effort between Whitehouse I.S.D and the PGA to teach golf in schools. Whitehouse coaches hope to teach golf every year.