Vaccine Shortage in East Texas

Little ones don't like to get shots, but they're a necessary part of life. Getting those shots is now bit tougher in East Texas In East Texas there are shortages of several vaccines mainly the chicken pox vaccine and the pnemococcal which is for pnemonia and meningitis for small kids. The Smith County Health Department has been out of the pnemococcal vaccine since Thursday says Dr. Paul Mc Gaha of the Department of Health. "There is always the potential that something catastrophic could happen and out strap our supply source," says Dr. Mc Gaha but the department of health is working to ensure this shortage does not result in a huge dilemma. "We are working with that to work with doctors to prioritize who receives the vaccine mainly real young children so they don't get behind, says Mc Gaha. So why the shortage - many manufacturers have stopped producing the vaccine because they aren't making enough money - and sometimes the shortages occur because there simply is just not enough supplies to go around. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel says Mc Gaha. "I think the government in light of recent shortages is taking a more active role in creating policies that will prevent these shortages in the future ." And that could mean our current shortage will be short lived.