Suspect In Nightclub Shooting Turns Himself In

27-year old Roydon Austin, wanted in connection to Saturday's shooting at the El Greco Club, has turned himself in to Gregg County Sheriff's Department. He has been arraigned on murder charges..

30-year old Tarraina Mumphrey died from a single gunshot wound during the shooting in the club's parking lot.

Family and friends say she was at a birthday party at the club, which turned out to be the wrong place at the wrong time.

"She was having fun, she was laughing , speaking to everybody and just being herself. From what I know she went outside and she was shot," said LaKeitha Roberts, Mumphrey's best friend.

"The understanding that I got out of it is that these two people were shooting and she was coming out the door to got to her van. She didn't know they were shooting," said Bertha Sheffield, Mumphrey's grandmother.

Mumphrey, a mother of four, was hit one time, caught in a cross-fire, her family says, for no good reason.

"It's tragic. I mean it could have been me, it could have been anybody," said Roberts.

Gregg County Sheriff's deputies say a man had been thrown out of the club earlier that night,who Mumphrey's family says was not a part of the party, but later came back to the parking lot armed and shooting. Now, Mumphrey's family is left to ask why, and remember her life before it came to a tragic end.

"She loved her children, and her me because she give me kisses all the time, she just love everybody," said Sheffield. "She will be missed, she will be loved and she will always be in my heart," said Roberts.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting