7 On Your Side: Wait Ends For Overdue Insurance Check

Jeff Adams looks over his paperwork from a local U-Haul rental in Tyler.

The store hooked up an open trailer like this one to his Dodge pick-up so he can transport a vehicle.  Jeff tells us what happens next: "I started to drive the car up on the transport, it raised up and did some damage to my tailgate."

Damage, Jeff admits, is minimal.  But the repair estimate would put a big dent in anyone's wallet.

"$573.84. It's unbelievable but that's what things cost now a days," says Jeff.

U-Haul offered to pay for the damage after the incident, which by the way was last September!

It was turned over to Republic Western Insurance Company and four months later still no response.

"I left several voice messages with my adjuster. Then I found out they gave it to another adjuster so I started calling him and never did get a response," Jeff recalls.

It's not who you know, but what you know 7 On Your Side can do for you.

We intended on calling U-Haul after our interview with Jeff.  But the day we set up the appointment Jeff decided to give them one last chance and let them know he was on the way to our studios with or without a response from them.

"And 19 hours later I'm done," says Jeff.  "I have a check in the mail."

A check in mail, that will cover the cost of the whole repair.

"All I need is the check and I think that won't be a problem," says Jeff.

Neither do we, as fast the company responded trying to smooth over a once unhappy customer.

Jeff says he has no problem with U-Haul.  It was just getting their insurance company to make something happen in a timely manner.

That check is expected to arrive this week.

Christine Nelson, Reporting  cnelson@kltv.com