Cowboys Fans React To Sunday Night Loss

One thing is certain about a Dallas Cowboy fan:  you can pretty much find one anywhere.  You can find lifelong fans in restaurants, at the local barber shop, at the gym and just about anywhere else around town.

For the die hard fan, the last few months proved to be a pretty good season.

"I think they're a great team," said John Carr.  "They had a 13-and-three run this year."

Brenda Wiggins said she's proud of her team after pulling off such an excellent season.

"They made it exciting this year," she said.

It was exciting even until the end.  With only 10 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Romo's pass was picked off by the Giants in the Dallas end zone.  Diana Long said the sight brought her son to tears.

"He cried.  He was so upset," she said.  "I fixed a big dinner to celebrate, a big barbeque dinner, and it fell through."

It was disappointing loss felt by fans and players alike.

"When you don't come through, especially at the quarterback position, it's really a tough pill to swallow," said Tony Romo.

So where did the Boys go wrong?  We left it to the fans who know the Boys best to tackle that question.

"That one pass that Terrell was unable to catch, because it wasn't thrown to him, probably decided the game," said John Carr.

Joel Wilkinson said the Boys focused too much on long passes, instead of short tosses for yardage.

"We had two dropped passes, and Romo needed a little more time to throw the ball," said Tanya Herber.  She said if those things would have come together, the Boys would have won.

It was a tough defeat to stomach.

"We lost as a team," said wide receiver Terrell Owens, virtually in tears.

But for the true fan, today was all about looking forward to next season and the Superbowl.

The Cowboys still have some work to do in the Pro Bowl next month, sending 12 players to that game, an NFL record.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.