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A Better East Texas: Kerens High School Student

Another east Texas teenager made state wide news this week...for violating his schools hair length policy.

 It's a shame this kid is getting so much media attention and I'm not going to do it here.

Instead I want to tell you about one of his classmates who is more deserving of media attention, Kellie Thomas.

 Kellie comes from a single parent home.

She is not just a student at Kerens high school she is a member of the honor society, she's the yearbook editor, a varsity cheerleader, and a state track finalist among many, many other things.

I am told by her school counselor that if you asked anybody, classmates and adults alike, who they can depend on and who they consider a friend, Kellie's name will be on their list.

That's just some of the reasons the Kerens chamber of commerce recognized Kellie this past Saturday night at their annual.

Kellie's the kind of high school student that makes this A Better East Texas.

You can always write me and see past commentaries by going to kltv.com, click the community section at the top of the screen and then A Better East Texas.

Viewer Comments:

Hi, thanks for commenting about the abusive coverage of a student that has let so many people down with his stand on not cutting his hair.  As for Kelly Thomas, thank-you for presenting a brighter light shining in Kerens.  Kelly, too, is one of my students, and she is the perfect high school senior.  She's smart, respectful, hard working, and motivated to succeed. 

Again, thank-you! Pam


I want to thank Mr. Streit for his commentary on our hair length situation in Kerens ISD.  Honoring Kelly is such a positive way should also be commended. She is a very deserving student and is more in line with what our student body is about in KISD.  Thank you again for not sensationalizing the negative and focusing on the positive things, which are more representative of public education in Kerens and throughout Texas.

Kevin Stanford

Superintendent, Kerens ISD


Just a quick note to say excellent work one of the last ABET's. The one that brought to light the story of the Kerens HS student. We need more positive role models in the news.
Great Job,

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