Pro-Active Code Enforcement Takes Off In Tyler

From his new, City of Tyler Environmental pickup truck, Chris Lennon traced through overgrown weeds and brush, all in an effort to focus in on a much older pickup truck.  It's eyesores such as unkempt lots, junked vehicles, and crumbling housing, Lennon and the City of Tyler Code Enforcement Department want gone from neighborhoods.

"We want to clean up the area and keep it clean," Lennon, an enforcement officer.  Enforcement is exactly what he set out to do.  Lennon said he and his fellow officers are here to stay, cracking down on the violators.

"[We're] going to continue to come back," said Lennon.  Every three months code enforcement officers will canvass neighbors in Tyler looking for violations of city ordinances.

"What we want is for people to clean their property and keep it clean," said City of Tyler Special Projects Coordinator Kristi Boyett.  Boyett said citizens voiced there concerns to officials, saying that they wanted their neighborhoods cleaned up.  She said the residents are getting on board, becoming code rangers to help ensure their communities are clean and safe places to live.

"We want them to be the eyes and ears of the city because they are out there, living next door to it, or it's across the street," said Boyett.  Lennon said since the initiative began this year, it has already shown signs of progress.

"Some of the areas that we've been in that have been written up, you can see a change," said Lennon.  The Pro-Active Code Enforcement Program began January 2.

If you'd like more information on the Citizens Task Force, contact the City of Tyler Code Enforcement Office at (903) 531-1312.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.