HGTV Dream Home Sold, $1.325 Million

"I have $1,325,000 there, $1,300,000 here, and $1,275,000 there," cries auctioneer Wesley Beard of Beard Auction.  First up on the auction block was the 5,000 square foot mansion.  Only one of three bidders would walk away with the keys.

"I've sold it! $1,325,000! Subject to seller's confirmation there," said Beard pointing to the winner.  The Dallas resident, walking up to the podium in his red sweater, was the highest bidder.  Quickly avoiding the media, he walked inside to put his required 10% down.

"His whole family is going to be using it," said HGTV Homeowner Don Cruz.  "For just a retreat to come down from Dallas for the weekends and for weeks for vacation and stuff."  Cruz adds laughing, "I thought it would go for a lot more.  A lot of [bidders] wanted it for a million dollars."  What may have been to the seller's dismay was a buyer's dream.

"The baskets, the knick knacks, the beautiful coffee tables, just gorgeous material," said Connie Harper, about the items inside up for bid.  Items like intricately upholstered chairs that would go for $1,300 and a set of planters went for $100 a piece.  Remember that much talked about dog house: it sold for $1,900.

"I got the subzero refrigerator/freezers and the wolf appliances," said Kathleen Fleming from Lindale.

"I'm afraid my daughter's here telling me we already bought one," said Ricky Richards who came to the auction with his family.  "I saw my wife bidding a while ago, so I'm not sure what we own at the moment."  Inside would become a stark contrast of what was once a fully-furnished home.

"I get to share it with everybody just before I leave it's kind of nice," said Cruz.  A departure that for Don is bittersweet, but one that will likely dig him out of the money pit.

We're told more than 400 items inside the home were auctioned off today.  The closing date for the home itself is January 28th.  Don says as soon as the deal goes through he will move back to his native state of Illinois.

Christine Nelson, Reporting.