Preparation Keeps Griffin Undefeated

Pine Tree junior James Griffin is always getting ready. Even when he's not wrestling, he's watching, learning, seeing what works and what doesn't. Griffin's attention to detail has pushed him to an unbeaten record, twenty-three and oh this season for the Pine Tree Pirates.

"I guess the best way to put," Pine tree wrestling coach Jim McGee said, "is that James sees the entire match while it's out there. You look at those guys when the Rubic's Cube came out who could fix it, they saw what it took. James sees the match in that same fashion."

Pine Tree coach Jim McGee started the program in 2000, and he says the lessons athletes like Griffin learn continue long after the matches are done.

"Wrestling is a life lesson," he said. "The obstacles they face everyday when they leave high school or college can be overwhelming. Wrestling gives them the fight to get through that."

Griffin keeps working hard. He knows he's undefeated, and with all the accolades comes the pressure.

"There's a lot of pressure there," he laughs,  "just to keep on going with it. I'm proud of it, though."

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