Marshall Citizens Remember Victims Of Crime

Volunteers in Marshall want the violence to end after yet another deadly shooting in their neighborhood just last week. Volunteers were cleaning up trash in the woods off 1100 Grand Avenue to symbolize cleaning up their neighborhoods from violence that has plagued them.

"We're fed up we're just cleaning up and area that's crowded with debris. What we're saying more than that, let's clean Marshall up" said area neighbor Georgia Thomas.

Just last week off Grand Avenue, 27 year old Graylon Williams was murdered, shot 4 times, and his killers remain free. Demetria McFarland's brother was gunned down in 2004. She's just one of these neighbors who know first hand, the pain of losing someone to violence.

"Unfortunately it's a repeat performance of what has happened in the last few years here in Marshall slain young men here in Marshall" says McFarland.

On the first floor of the Harrison County courthouse, there's a memorial plaque dedicated to the victims of violent crimes since 2003, there are 33 names on this list, a list that the McFarland group hopes will never get any longer. There are 9 unsolved murders, Williams and McFarland's brother are two of them.

"This is our way of giving back and letting the family know that we love you we embrace you , we can do this in the memory of Graylon" Thomas says.

They only hope no other families come to know the pain that they know all too well.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting