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1/11/08-Anderson County

Freedom Fighters: Frank Hall

It was on Frank Hall's fourteenth bombing mission during the Korean War that he became a prisoner of war of the Chinese Communists. For the first six weeks, Hall was in an interrogation camp where his home was a four by four foot hole. He only left the hole when he was pulled out for interrogation. Twice he was forced to dig a grave for himself, but the guns pointed at him had only blanks.

After the six week interrogation period, Hall was sent to a POW camp where conditions were little better. He survived the mental torture by his faith in God, imaginary conversations with loved ones and mental exercises.

When Hall returned to Texas he was given a big parade and presented with a new Buick. he shared the parade with his family who had been told he was missing in action and presumed dead two years earlier.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting

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