Preps For HGTV Dream Home Auction

"I'm going to do that one last time tonight. Sit in the hot tub and watch the sunset," said dream home owner Don Cruz.

It's fitting for what he expects to be his final night in the dream home.  The chairs for the morning auction are already set up for an expected crowd.

"There's people coming from Oregon, Chicago, North Carolina, from all over the United States coming to bid on the house tomorrow," said Cruz.

"I've had calls not only on the real estate but people that just want something from it ... who maybe registered themselves as far away as South Carolina to even out of the country," said Wesley Beard, auctioneer and owner of Beard Auction.

The selling price at one point was up to five million dollars but has dropped considerably over the last several months.

Records show the home is appraised at 1.85 million.  The kind of deal potential buyers can expect to get remains to be seen.

"The HGTV house is so unique there's not any like it. So it makes it very hard to price it," said Realtor Julia Coody with The Pam Walters Group.  "All houses sell eventually. So I'm sure eventually this will find a homeowner."

Once the home is sold, the items inside like furniture and appliances will then be auctioned piece-by-piece.

Not the happy-ever-after ending Don Cruz wanted, but one he'll have to live with.

"It's a beautiful house and a beautiful dream. It's time for somebody else to live the dream," Cruz said.

Those buyers interested in bidding on the home have to have a certified letter from their bank verifying their financial capacity to bid on the home.

The auction is open to the public.  It's Saturday, January 12th at the site of the dream home at 15920 East Side Road in Tyler.

From 8-10 a.m., you can come and preview the items.  Then bidding starts promptly at 10 a.m.

Click here for more information on the auction house and for directions to the home.

Christine Nelson reporting.