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PETA Wants Vegetarian Diet In Jail For McCuin

An unusual request to the Smith County Jail from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, wanting special treatment for inmate Chris McCuin. He is the man accused of murdering Jana Shearer of Whitehouse.

The vice president of PETA sent a letter to the administrator of the jail that reads: "I am writing to ask that you prevent Christopher Lee McCuin from being involved in any senseless killing while in your prison by providing him with exclusively vegetarian meals...It is up to you to prevent McCuin from contributing to any more suffering and death by placing him a on healthy, humane vegetarian diet."

Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith told KLTV, at first, he thought the letter was a joke. "I feed over 2000 meals a day, I am not going to start taking special requests from outside organizations to starting feeding vegetarian diets," he says. "They'll all eat what I feed them or they don't have to eat, it's whatever they want to do. This is a jailhouse, not a hotel."

The Sheriff also said he thought the letter was purely for publicity purposes, especially since the media received a copy before the jail did.

Tracy Watler, Reporting

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