Should ID Be Required To Vote?

Should a photo ID be required to vote? East Texans overwhelmingly say yes on a web poll still open for voting on Just this week the Supreme Court heard a case on whether the state of Indiana can require such a law. Texas tried to pass a similar bill last year but was defeated in the senate. State representative Leo Berman has some very strong opinions on the issue.

"To just have one person, especially someone who is our country illegally, voting in our elections and influencing our elections. Is something that we just won't stand for. We are going to have to stop it and stop it right now," said Berman.

Representative Berman chair's the House Committee on Elections. He says Texans have to show their ID to do something like rent a movie so why wouldn't they have to show ID at the polls?

"A photo ID could be supplement by a electric bill, water bill, gas bill, or we even empowered the Texas Department of Public Safety to issue photo ID's to people that don't have them just so that when you come into vote you can show you are the person who is on the voter registration card," said Berman, "Democrats are saying that if you have to show a photo or some with proof of identification its going to hurt minority voting. They called it racism in our committee hearings last year. To me this is ludicrous. This applies to all Texans."

Berman says he doesn't exactly the extent of voter fraud in Texas, but. "We do know of several major incidents in Texas. In Houston over a 6 or 7 year period more than 4,000 individuals were dropped from the Harris County voter registration rolls because there were non citizens and some had already voted," said Berman.

"If they can counterfeit social security card, drivers licenses, concealed weapon handgun licenses. They can make anything that they need. Why would people think that they are not making voter registration cards and trying to influence votes?" asked Berman, "Why would anyone Democrat or Republican want to continue voting fraud if there is any chance that there is voting fraud in the state?"

Berman says the right thing to do is pass the legislation, and that it could make a dramatic impact on our elections.

He has scheduled a public committee hearing at the end of this month in Austin to determine the extent of voting fraud in Texas and come up with ways to stop it. The hearing is January 25th in the Capitol. The public is invited.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.