Canton Woman Disappears, Police Suspect Foul Play

The mystery began Wednesday when 49-year old Sharon Marie Ragland didn't show up for work.

Desoto authorities working with Canton Police arrested Barry Steven Ragland, the victim's estranged husband in Dallas after allegedly finding blood in the bed of his truck.

Sharon Ragland worked at Lone Star Harley Davidson in Tyler. Store employees called police to report her missing Wednesday.  Investigators say the amount of blood found indicates possible foul play.

Investigators also allegedly found blood inside Sharon Ragland's home.

Authorities say there's a history of domestic violence between Ragland and her husband.  Bennie Latch, owner of Lone Star Harley Davidson in Tyler, said Sharon was a great employee. She never came in late or missed work. The owner also told us that Sharon has said in the past that she's afraid of her husband.

A couple living next to Sharon, who did not want to be identified, said they last saw Sharon riding her motorcycle Monday or Tuesday morning. They say Sharon usually rode by their house on her way to work.

The couple also noticed search helicopters flying over their house Thursday and cops patrolling the area. The couple have contacted police for additional information, and say Canton Police have not responded to them, or even questioned them about this case.

The search for a body will continue Monday when investigators send divers to Canton Lake.