New Diana Soldier Comes Home

An East Texas soldier is home after fighting and treating wounded soldiers in the Iraq War for more than four months. Anxiously waiting, the Tennimon family had postponed their Christmas and new years celebrations , until their soldier came home. To a thunderous welcome, Lance Corporal Blake Tennimon came home to New Diana.

"I was very surprised I didn't think they were actually going to do it I've got a lot of opening to do I'm guessing" Blake says.

"You take a deep breath when they leave and you really don't breath until they come back , and first good nights sleep we've had in a long time" says Blakes father, Todd Tennimon.

For the last four months the 20 year old Tennimon has been a combat medic in Iraq. He is called upon to treat wounded soldiers in the field often under fire, a calling he doesn't shy away from.

"There's always going to be somebody who has to step up and help out there always somebody who has to protect somebody" says Tennimon.

With his wife and baby girl, his homecoming was more than his parents had words for.

"This is the best Christmas we've ever had" Todd says.

Tennimon will go to Fort Hood Monday for more training, and could be re-deployed to Iraq in the future.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting