WWII Seabees Unite In Tyler

Navy Seabees, otherwise known as the construction battalion, reunited in Tyler Saturday.

Seabees built landing runways, hospitals and pipelines during World War II.  Sixty years after their war efforts, men in the 52nd Seabees unit remembered their colleagues and paid tribute to those who've passed on.

The day started with a memorial for deceased seabees, but ended on a lighter note, as the guys reconnected and showed their families a bit of their history.

"We're very fortunate that we can see these men we served with. We were close and when you live with a man for three years and work together. Well, you can't forget him," says Haden Jones.

While they're main duty during war was building military infrastructure, the Seabees were also trained to fight in battle. This was the 52nd Seabees fifty-fifth reunion.