Tyler High School Tests Students for Alcohol at the Door

Prom night is one of those moments that most people never forget.

While it's a time to celebrate, students who drink and drive run the risk of turning the memorable evening into a tragic one.  Students at T.K. Gorman High School, however, were determined not to let that happen so they decided a breathalyzer test would help.

It was T.K. Gorman students who came up with the idea to give breathalyzer tests at their prom Saturday night. Prom organizers asked their principal, if they could give the tests to discourage students from drinking and driving.  We found Saturday night that students are supportive of this decision and are just as concerned with making their prom a safe one.

Now anyone who doesn't consent to a breathalyzer test tonight will not be allowed inside.  Prom organizers say having to take the test is a small price to pay for a memorable evening.

Students also had to take a breathalyzer test on the way out. The Smith County Sheriff's Department provided the breathalyzers.