Man Leads Police on Second High Speed Chase

It's not the first high speed chase for Jacksonville Police, and in this case, it wasn't the suspect's first either. 22 year old Mark Ashley Baker is in the Cherokee County Jail, accused of leading police on the chase last night from Jacksonville all the way to Rusk.

The scene started in a Jacksonville neighborhood, where officers reportedly spotted Mark Baker driving on the wrong side of the road.

"He attempted to initiate the traffic stop at which time the suspect fled," said Detective Travis Cearley, Jacksonville Police Department.

Baker then reportedly went through a night-club parking lot but didn't leave without leaving some damage.

"He struck a parked vehicle and in turn made that vehicle struck another parked vehicle. Suspect then jumped the curb and got on Highway 79. Once he was on 79 he continued to flee officers," said Cearley. "They wound up going through the loop on Jacksonville. Topping 90 miles an hour, the chase eventually led all the way to Rusk. [He] made several evasive turns to try and evade the officers. He was trying to make a turn onto a county road and was not able to negotiate it because of his speed and in turn struck a tree," said Cearley.

But even with his SUV totaled, Baker was not about to give up, forcing officers to track him down on foot.

Baker now faces multiple charges, including felony evading arrest, seven traffic violations and his second charge of DWI.

"Sergeant Hogg stated that he could smell alcohol on his breath and person and also was lead to believe [Baker was] under the influence of some sort of narcotic or possibly illicit substance," said Cearley. "This is not his first time to run from us. He really wanted to get away."

But this time, that getaway led straight to the inside of a jail cell.

Baker was taken to a local hospital for minor injuries, but was released.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.