McCuin's Stabbing Victim Speaks Exclusively To KLTV

William Cedric Veasey remembers every step, every move the night Chris McCuin broke into his home.

"I jump up immediately to see what was going on ... open the door, it's him. We begin to tussle, and I hit him in the face. He hits the ground and he ran," said Veasey.

But it wasn't until moments later, when Veasey looked in the mirror, he realized McCuin had stabbed him in the back.

"I turned around and blood was just gushing out. And of course then my girlfriend was going crazy, saying, 'Oh My God, Oh My God'!"

But McCuin didn't stop there.  He came back, this time knocking out a window in the den.

"He kept saying that he was coming in, he was going to hurt us, or kill us or whatever he was going through that night.  I don't understand," Veasey said.

All Veasey understands that night was that he was not letting McCuin inside his home. Luckily, when police arrived, McCuin sped off through his lawn. Veasey has no doubt he saved his girlfriend's life.

"I think I saved all of our lives, not only hers, I think I saved all of our lives. I think we were all in danger that night, and it's just by the blessing of the good Lord that I was just uneasy that night and was awake because if I had been asleep there's no telling what would have happened and I'm just blessed to be alive," he explains.

Veasey says he knew McCuin had abused his estranged wife, Valerie, before.  The most recent was just a week ago, when McCuin assaulted her.

Veasey said that he didn't know Jana Shearer, but when he heard the news of her murder, "It was a devastating blow to all of us. I knew he was violent, but never knew he was that violent. You just never know when somebody might reach that end, and just go over the deep end.  He looked to me like he was maybe on some kind of strong narcotic, or something. He didn't look like he was sober."

And Veasey believed McCuin would have done anything to get in his house that night.

"If you walk around my house, you'll see where he went to every window trying to find a weak spot to get in. And he found one, but the one he found was the one I was standing in," Veasey said.

Fortunately he is alive, and the family he has built, including McCuin's own daughter, is safe again.

Tracy Watler, Reporting