East Texas Family Postpones Christmas Until Soldier Comes Home

It may be the New Year, but for the Tennimon family their Christmas celebration is not quite finished.

"As a family we decided that we weren't celebrating Christmas until Blake was home. We knew he would be coming home some time in January and we just thought we'll just wait for him," said Robin Tennimon, PFC Black Tennimon's mother.

"None of us had a problem waiting. It wouldn't have been Christmas without Blake. So, with his daughters first Christmas we thought he needed to be here. We were more than willing to wait," said Todd Tennimon, Blakes father.

With his Christmas stocking hung with care, Private First Class Blake Tennimon won't just be coming home to his family, but to a decorated home with yellow, red, white, and blue ribbons all in his honor.

Todd says he feels his son deserves to have Christmas in January,"I think every soldier, every airmen, everybody serving over in Iraq deserves it. When soldiers come back somebody needs to pat them on the back... You know you're talking to your son and he says wait a minute, it's an explosion outside, it doesn't help ease your nerves."

So, with the streamers hung and the welcome home banners ready, the Tennimon family is now waiting for their hero to come home. "I think he enjoyed his tour over there, but he's more than ready to come," and Todd also says he's ready for him to be here.

LaKecia Shockley,Reporting. lshockley@kltv.com