East Texas Police Target I-20 Drug Corridor

Over the past week more amounts of marijuana and cocaine are seized by Gregg County law enforcement in various sting operations and several more people are jailed, but authorities say it is only the tip of the iceberg in a seemingly endless flow of drugs.

"You take a dealer out and somebody else will show up in his place, " says Robert Harshaw, CODE unit.  "That's just a natural cycle.

Over the past year, hundreds of pounds of marijuana and cocaine have been confiscated and dozens of arrests made. With so much drug activity, you would think there is a large user population, but not so.

Interstate-20 has long been known to area law enforcement as a drug corridor and its through roadways like these that drugs make their way through cities like Dallas and Houston to the East.

"As long as you have demand, you're gonna have narcotics what we try to do is deal with it as quick as we can," Sgt. Mike bishop, Longview Police Dept.

Police statistics show that most of the marijuana comes through Dallas east on I-20, while cocaine and other narcotics come up I-59 through the Marshall area from Houston.  By rail and highway it keeps coming, but East Texas has one weapon others don't, County Organized Drug Enforcement or the CODE unit. Thry target drug traffic. Some departments say that even thought they catch a lot of it , even more may be getting through, but that doesn't discourage CODE.  Gregg County officers will continue to get as much off the streets as they can.