A Better East Texas: Charitable Giving

In this country, we are often criticized for our lack of action on everything from global warming to the war in Iraq.

But in reality, America is a nation of givers, ready to take action, step up to the plate, and open our hearts and wallets. Last year alone we gave more than 295 billion dollars to charities.

And despite scares of a sluggish economy and skyrocketing gas prices, that's up from the year before. So who is doing all this giving?

It's the average family that is giving the most. In fact, more than half of the contributions that help fund things like soup kitchens or free day care come from you and your neighbors.

Nowhere is the generosity of americans more evident than in East Texas. Our kids have friendly competitions to see who can collect the most cans of food.

Entire families become angels, shopping for the Salvation Army.

We give coats to kids in the winter and fans to families in the summer.

We give food to the people who need it, even delivering to the doorsteps of those who might not otherwise get a hot meal.

I am proud to call America home.

And I'm proud to be part of such a generous community.

Let's keep up the good work in '08. Because it's neighbors helping neighbors that makes this a better East Texas.