A Tyler School Introduces "Jesus De Mayo" to honor a Courageous Student

Bonner Elementary students honored a courageous fifth grader in their school named Jesus Maya Friday afternoon.

In his short lifetime, 12-year old Jesus has endured harsh cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and blood transfusions. In an effort to help Jesus's family pay for some of his medical expenses, teachers and students named Friday "Jesus De Mayo Day."

Bonner Elementary invited Tyler Police and their motorcycles along with a national guard humvee. They say the vehicles represent Jesus' courage and bravery.

"He has shown more courage than any person I've ever seen in my life," said Angela Nelson, principal of Bonner Elementary. "It's really incredible, and the fifth grade teachers and the students started it all. All I did was say, yes."

The students have already raised over $1500...and that was before they sold more treats at Friday's celebration. If you'd like to donate money in honor of Jesus, you can call Bonner Elementary at 531-3765.