Intruder Taunts South Tyler Woman

The word "intruder" has become all too familiar in South Tyler, after two sexual assault cases in the area, earlier this month.

Friday morning, a woman living in the Shiloh Pines Mobile Home Park, woke up to find a man beside her bed after he pushed through a lock on her front door.

Jean Nelly says she woke up around 3:30 a.m. ... and saw the silhouette of a man next to her. Nelly says the man was patting her shoulder, but she couldn't see what he looked like in the dark.

She yelled at the intruder, and he left.

But, Nelly says the suspect left three menacing items of which was an article of men's clothing, which was found near her front door.

"In a split second, I thought this is my worst nightmare," said Nelly from her living room Saturday morning. "But this was not a dream. I yelled just as loud as I could, and I think flung my arms, you know, and said 'get out of here.'"

Darkness kept Nelly from seeing the face of the intruder. Though she did not get a description, she says the man was between 5 foot 10 and 6 feet tall.

Police are not yet revealing exactly what the intruder left behind, but they hope the items will give them more information.