Black A Giant On The Field, Even Bigger Role Model

Life is different for Ciron Black these days.

The same halls Ciron walked in high school are now filled with fans wanting his autograph.

"Everybody is coming up to me, you know congratulating me," Ciron said. "I'm not really believing it myself. It's crazy. It's a feeling like no other."

Coming home to Tyler after his BCS National Championship win had more than one purpose.

"It helps me stay grounded because I know without them, without my mama praying for me, I know I wouldn't be where I am right now," Ciron said. "Without Coach (Gary) Fleet getting in my face, in the heat and the times I was like, 'why am I doing this?' Without that, none of this would be possible."

It is that character that led Ciron to reach out to Mikey Conger. KLTV 7 Sports has followed the story of Ciron's friendship with the little boy fighting leukemia.

Ciron inspired Mikey and vice versa.

"It was a tremendous inspiration because at the time when I contacted Mikey, I was going through some stuff myself," Ciron explained. "Irrelevant things, you know? Things that I shouldn't have even been worrying about. It helped me realize the things I was going through were just small things compared to what he's going through and what his family is going through.

If Ciron was not enough of a role model, he is on the All SEC Academic Team. This past semester he made straight A's.

"If you don't get your academics then you are done. So, if you want to play football, basketball, baseball, academics are first."

Ciron is well on his way to big things in life and more than likely the NFL.This week one big dream was achieved, but we had to know what was better: winning the BCS or winning state with Lee?

"To be honest," Ciron smiled, "probably the state championship because that was the first time ever in Lee history. I will never, ever forget that."