Attention Employers!


In today's business environment, an employer's fastest growing expense is employee healthcare and worker's compensation. ETMC Business Health is ready to meet this challenge by offering a variety of employee-related programs designed to reduce an organization's healthcare costs by coordinating both health treatment services and preventive healthcare programs. We are dedicated to working with East Texas business and industry in keeping people healthy and on the job, while providing high-quality, cost-effective services to restore the health of injured workers and prevent re-injury.

ETMC Business Health works with companies to develop a business health plan that maximizes employee productivity by utilizing:


ETMC Business Health has developed a system of case management which ensures that injured employees receive fast, personalized attention.

Case management for workers compensation is administered by staff members trained in managing employee health programs and experienced in overseeing treatment for a wide variety of medical conditions. The staff works closely with injured employees to focus their attention on returning to work as soon as possible. In doing so, this program reduces lost days and workers compensation costs.

Benefits of case management include the following:

  • Improved accountability to employers
  • Cost-effective medical treatment
  • Coordination of care throughout the full scope of medical treatment
  • Ease of access for employers and their employees
  • Drug screening results e-mailed directly to employer, usually within 15 minutes
  • Minimize lost time

ETMC Business Health strives to deliver fast and reliable employee healthcare at the lower possible cost with:

  • Decrease of time off work due to illness or injury
  • Same day drug screening within 15-minute turnaround
  • On-site drug screening and immunizations