Assistant Fire Marshal Sued Over Shooting Family Dog

The Jackson's three year old boxer "Rowdy" had his front leg amputated after being shot Friday night.

"You know he's not going to be the same," said owner Faithe Jackson.

Officials said Smith County Assistant Fire Marshal Marilynn Wilson keeps some of her cows in a nearby pasture. It was there that "Rowdy" was shot at three times.

"Ms. Wilson said she did shoot the animal and that it was charging her at the time," said Scott McAuley, Arp City Marshal.

"I do not believe she was in fear of my dog," said Jackson.  "I think she was out to get him."

Jackson said her seven-year old son was walking "Rowdy" down a trail in their backyard, leading to the pasture. When shots were fired, she said her son ducked.

"If he would not have gotten down he could have easily been shot," said Jackson.

She's not only upset her child could have been hit by a stray bullet, but that "Rowdy" was shot at more than once.

"There was a second and third round shot. Why? He was already down."

The Jacksons are now taking Wilson to court over the incident, which some say was a long-time coming.

"Evidently she's told some people in the past she was going to do something with the animals that have been chasing her cows or kill the dogs chasing her cows," said McAuley.

Jackson said she's taking responsibility for her dog being off their property. But she said Rowdy" is a sweet family dog, raised around children, that didn't deserve this.

"I do not believe my dog ran at her," said Jackson.  "I don't believe it. I've got over a hundred signatures from people that know my dog that are willing to testify that he's not an aggressive animal."

Due to the civil suit, Wilson said Tuesday she could not comment. She's facing a misdemeanor of firing a firearm inside city limits. The Jacksons will pay a fine, since their dog was off their property.

Courtney Lane, reporting