For Calhoun, High School Bowl Game A College Preview

We're used to seeing Jermie Calhoun tearing up the football field clad in Van Vandal red. Saturday, he ended his high school football career in Orlando, Florida, but still wearing red. Calhoun played for the red team in the first ever UnderArmour / ESPN All-America Bowl.

"I was glad to be out there," Jermie said, "and get used to what I'm going to face when I get to college."

Calhoun, who is committed to Oklahoma, got the start for his team, says he took the invitation to spend some time out of Texas for a change and see Florida.

"I'm not a person who travels a lot," he said. "I wanted to see somewhere new besides Texas, and what I loved out there was the trees."

The talent level was much higher than what Calhoun was used to.

"It was fun, it was talent against talent. Nobody on the field is bigger than anybody else. At first it was different, because I'm not used to the defensive line moving that fast."

Calhoun's enjoyed meeting his teammates, his peers who've also gone through the pressures of recruiting.

"We talked about it a lot," Calhoun said, "about all those late night phone calls."

His team lost but Calhoun was still upbeat about the opportunity, a preview of his college career.

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