Mother Of Murder Suspect Speaks To KLTV

It was inside the very same home that 25-year-old Chris McCuin was arrested that KLTV sat down with McCuin's family to find out more about their son, the accused murderer.

"Chris was a good person who liked to smile and laughed a lot. He had a good attitude and personality and I don't know what happened that night to push him over the edge to do this. The Chris who did this was not the Chris I knew. And he has said he's sorry," Angie McCuin said, off camera.

KLTV asked Angie McCuin if she knew if her son was involved in any illegal activity like drugs, and she said she has no idea, that she never saw anything like that.

"He was no angel. He liked to party and drink, but I always thought it was the normal activities of a 25-year-old," McCuin said.

Smith County records show McCuin had a lengthy criminal history, including arrests for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, assault resulting in bodily injury and driving while intoxicated.

Neighbors said McCuin was a nice person, who did his share of partying. But they said they never saw any violent behavior.

"When I saw him he was a normal person," said neighbor Bridgette Henry.

"Everybody in my family knew him. Whenever we seen it in the paper we were just shocked, because I would never dream he would do anything like that to anybody," said former neighbor Marty Teague.

But one neighbor said she had recently noticed some changes in McCuin's behavior.

"He'd be out there in the truck just blasting the music or laid over in the truck ... not himself, from the one that I first met," said Pam Hightower.

Now all neighbors can do is pray for both families that lost a child.

"I would like to apologize to the family of Jana Shearer. My prayers go out to them and I am so sorry this happened," Angie McCuin said.

She also said McCuin has a 4-year-old daughter who is very much "Daddy's Little Girl."

And a friend of McCuin's estranged wife and mother of his daughter said the wife's boyfriend, who was stabbed by McCuin that morning, is doing well and has been released from ICU.

Tracy Watler, Reporting