Friend's Of Jana Shearer Share Stories Of Her Life

The news of Jana Shearer's, 21 death has left those that knew and loved her in disbelief.  Right now, they are trying to focus on the life Jana led, her smile and her giving spirit.  Monday, Jana's friends wanted to share with East Texas why she will be so greatly missed.

"Fashion, heels, stilettos and big purses, I mean that was her house, her big tote," said Jana's friend Jennifer Landfair.  Jana's friends, Monday, could not help, but smile when talking about their always stylish friend.

"She would walk outside and you would holler at her, 'Hey Jana'," said Jana's friend Amy Gage.  "She would cock that head and strut across the parking lot in those heels.  She was the sweetest, nicest girl I've ever known."  Landfair and Gage live right across the street from Jana, but through the years they have grown to be more than just neighbors.

"Gosh, I mean she was just an awesome person," said Landfair.  "She would take the shirt off her back for anybody."

"I never heard anybody say a bad thing about her," said Gage.  "She could just light up the whole room when she walked in, without ever saying anything."  Jana graduated from John Tyler High School in 2004.  She was on the drill team there and loved to dance.

"Right before Christmas they were going through all her stuff when were over there, and they said 'we are going to keep this, so Jana can go back to school and dance'," said Landfair.  Friends say Jana worked in the mall.  She had no big plans for the future.  Instead, like Jana posted on her MySpace page, she lived everyday to the fullest.

"Oh yeah," said Gage.  "Definitely, definitely.  Whether it was sitting at home, or going out with her friends, she enjoyed her life.  She always had a smile on her face.  Just a goofy little grin." Through each other, Landfair and Gage say they are finding support.  They just want everyone to know Jana was loved by everyone she met and will be greatly missed.

"She was the sweetest, nicest person who didn't deserve what happened to her," said Gage.  "If they were to know her, they would love her."  Right now, no funeral arrangements have been made.  The family is still waiting for Jana's body to return from Dallas where an autopsy is taking place.

Molly Reuter, Reporting.