Longview Man Gets Felony Indictment for Animal Cruelty

A Longview man has been indicted on felony charges of cruelty to an animal.
  The Gregg County District Attorney's office says that after hearing evidence from a vet who described dogs injuries, they felt they were more than justified in raising the charges. 
   24-year old Lee Michael Rhea was indicted Thursday on state felony charges of cruelty and torture of an animal.
   Rhea is the first known East Texan to be charged with the felony crime since it became law September 1st. On March 26th, police say after an argument with his ex-girlfriend, Rhea threw a Boston Terrier up against a wall at least two times, punched it in the ribs, and kicked and threw it over a fence.
   He was originally charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty. After reviewing the case, the DA's office decided the animal's injuries warranted a felony charge.
   If convicted on the felony charge, Rhea could face 180 days to two years in state jail and a possible 10 thousand dollar fine.
   His arraignment on the new charge is scheduled for May 3rd.