Camp Tyler Expanding

Splashing around in muddy water may look like child's play...but here at Camp Tyler it's how kids learn about marine biology. "We have an educational tool, not the only one, but it's one that really, really works and it's time to share it with the greater community," Tells Jim Connally, Director for Outdoor Learning.

Before Thursday, you'd only hear T.I.S.D. students talking about the tadpoles. But, this real world classroom has been so successful over the past fifty three years that T.I.S.D. and the Camp Tyler Foundation wanted outdoor learning to reach more East Texas children. The first school to participate is Longview's Hudson PEP Elementary.

"It's really it's cool cause you don't have any T.V.'s and you can't just sit around," explains Jacob Harden. Jacob and his fellow classmates are not only learning how to use a compass--hands on...but out here--all their senses come alive.

"It's just fun and realizing, sort of like a break from being indoor and paperwork," tells young Sarah Bradley.

Camp Tyler is an overnight camp. While the cost is about fifty dollars per child...Hudson PEP had the money raised by Longview parents to send their students to camp.