Gruesome Details Released On Smith County Homicide

Smith County Sheriff deputies were on the scene, and a neighborhood was left in disbelief when a young women's mutilated body was found in home just outside of Tyler.  Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith said the suspect went to his mother's house and called her on the phone.  That's when he asked her to go outside and see what he had done.

"The mother and his stepfather went outside and saw the body of the girlfriend in the back of the truck," said Smith.  The suspect, Chris McCuin, 25, is being held in Smith County Jail for the murder of Jana Shearer, 21, a bizarre situation authorities said began late Friday night.  Sheriff Smith said McCuin went to his girlfriend's home in Whitehouse where she lived with her mother.

"They talked inside the house for a few minutes, then they went outside, and that was the last time the mom ever saw her daughter alive again," said Smith.  Officials said early Saturday morning, McCuin broke into his ex-wife's home, confronted her, and stabbed her boyfriend.  She called 911, and he fled the scene in just the latest event in a wrap-sheet of violent behavior.  Smith county records show McCuin has been previously arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, assault resulting in bodily injury and driving while intoxicated, but what officials found next, they said, was unbelievable.

"He called 911 and admitted on the phone that he had killed his girlfriend," said Smith.  "He started giving us details on the phone as to the cutting up of the body, and slicing up of the body, and even admitted to the fact that he was cooking some of her body parts," said Smith.  SWAT was called in, and McCuin came out of the house with a knife.  After breaking the glass of patrol car window, McCuin was taken into custody, and that's when Smith County officials discovered Shearer's body in the cab of the suspect's truck.

"It was obvious that he had cut off part of her arm, and that he had cut off one of her ears," said Smith.  "When we got into the house, we found part of what we believe to be human flesh in a plate with a fork in it, and one of her ears was in boiling water."  It was a disturbing account, which left this quiet East Texas neighborhood, baffled.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.