Tornado Shelters Give Peace-of-Mind

They can drop from the sky in a heartbeat... panic can set in... where do you go?  Tornadoes can strike anywhere, and the best solution for safety is underground.

It is 21st century tornado protection... steel, or even fiberglass premade shelters.

Larry Smith of Maverick Manufactured Homes sells tornado shelters.

"[The shelter] is almost completely underground, so it fits with the landscaping of your home."

Once on site, installation can take just a day.  And, they're easy to get open, inside, and shut out the world above.

"When you pull the door down you can simply hit the lock system, it goes through the lock that ensures the door will be hld down tightly."

"It's designed with ten guage steel, with extra support around the outside. So the walls aren't going to cave in, they're always going to stay straight," he says.

There's ventilation... and electricity can be wired throughout.. Though a flashlight's a good idea.

The smallest shelters are 5' x 6' x 6'... about 36-hundred dollars installed.

"It goes up to 8' x 20' and you could fit a whole park of people in that one."

People weren't buying that many shelters early in the tornado season. That changed last week.

"After the Fort Worth tornado, the phones started ringing."

People are willing to pay to be out of harms way... because you can't always see beyond the horizon.

Larry can be contacted at Maverick Manufactured Homes at (903) 882-7977... or click on the link on the right hand side of this page.