Miranda Lambert's New Wine Label Draws Tourism To East Texas

Kerosene, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Gunpowder and Lead.  They're some of Miranda's song titles now turned wine labels.

"The whole wine premise was to take something she loved, or something that would remind us of her," said Miranda's mom Beverly Lambert.  Miranda's family has been operating the Red 55 Winery since last month, and they said it's been a hit even though Lindale is a dry town.

"As you know my daughter sang about a dry town on her record," said Miranda's dad Rick Lambert.  "I think it's been so accepted in this community because they're proud of Miranda and anything she does right now, you know, she's just kind of the golden girl."  The Lambert's were able to operate the little winery because of a 2005 law permitting the sale of wines, as long as they're made in Texas.  They said it's already bringing a lot of tourism into East Texas.

"We really get a lot of visitors," said Beverly.  "People driving seven to eight hours to come to this store."

"Of course, her fans are all about it and buying bottles just to keep, which is a waste," laughed Rick.  So, what are some of the meanings behind the names?  The blush, Electric Pink, is named after Miranda's famous guitar.

"It's kind of taking on its own identity, this electric pink guitar," said Beverly.  "She brings it out really late in the show and the minute she brings it out people usually go nuts."

Red 55, a heartier merlot-cabernet blend is named after Miranda's first truck, a 1955 Chevy Step Side.  Then, we know it's a song title, but how appealing does a wine named Kerosene sound?

"It tastes a little bit better than kerosene, and it might have a little more punch to it too," said Beverly.  A new wine label that's already becoming famous in a small town.

The two newest wines, Gunpowder and Lead and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are being released to coincide with Miranda's latest single on January 15th.  All the wines range in price from $16 to $20 a bottle.

Courtney Lane, Reporting  clane@kltv.com