Henderson Soldier Home From Iraq

It was a special homecoming for one East Texas family as they welcome home their loved one from Iraq.  Army Specialist Royshad Witcher, 20 came home today from Iraq, meeting his family and seeing his son for the first time in a year.

"I just, while he's hear, just want to spend as much time and I can with him," said Witcher's mother, Tracye Witcher.  He was a standout athlete at Henderson High School and was attending college at Trinity Valley when he made a decision to serve his country.

"I felt it was the right decision to make at the time during the situation that was going on in Iraq," said Witcher.  Witcher's great-grandfather fought in World War I, his grandfather in World War II and dozens of his relatives since.  Witcher says his choice was easy.

"I feel like I'm making my country proud and my family proud," said Witcher.

"Really it was up to him to make the decision and it was up to me to support him," said Witcher's father, Roy Witcher.  Pride and patriotism run deep in the Witcher family and Witcher never doubted he would keep it going.  He says he draws inspiration from his grandfather, who fought during a time of segregation yet remained a patriot.

"Back in his time there was a lot of racism dealing with that in the military," said Witcher.  "I'm proud of him and what he did back then."  Witcher will be home for two weeks.  After that he has to return to his unit in Iraq.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com