Red Raiders Line Coach Remembers Pair Fondly

Back before they were LSU Tigers, Matt Flynn and Ciron Black were proud Robert E. Lee Red Raiders. Longtime Lee offensive line coach Gary Fleet remembers Ciron setting goals early.

"Ciron was a joy to coach," Fleet said. "He had the inner drive that it takes, and he'd set a goal early in his career that he wanted to play college football, and he did everything he could to reach that goal."

Out of so many big games, the one Fleet remembers most is Lee's game in 2003 against the Woodlands, where Flynn played a triple overtime game on a broken foot.

"He couldn't scramble, he couldn't run, he still played the entire game with the broken foot, the mental toughness he had."

The Red Raiders were like a family. Fleet remembers Ciron's mom asking him to get personally involved.

"Well, Ciron was a teenager," Fleet laughs, "and he was just like every other teenager. His mother would use me to help her when Ciron would be a normal teenager. Whether it was talking back or not cleaning his room, I would take care of it at school and help them out."

Even with all the influences the coaches have had on them, Fleet still says their success had to come from within.

"You just put the things out that they need to do, and to see them accomplish so much, it's very satisfying."

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