East Texas Church Looks To Bring More Prayer Into The Home

Throughout the last few months, Lewis Price has been hard at work in his wood shop, cutting forms, sanding and smoothing, all for a higher purpose.

"I felt like that this was something I could do, not only for the people of the church, but for God."

For weeks, Lewis spent hours in his shop, helping the dream of an entire church become a reality.

"When Pastor came to me, and he told me of this dream, I became a part of that dream," he said.  "This is just one tool that we're going to use in order to perform this."

The tool is a simple, handmade altar.  The dream is to bring prayer back to the home.

"The altar is just simply a piece of furniture," said M.D. McGuire, pastor of Abundant Life Church.  "It's just a bench made out of wood. There's nothing special about it.  It's only what you make it."

He said the inspiration for the altar project came from an unlikely source while he was conducting a funeral.

"His name was Dan Watson, and Dan had this small altar," he said.

The altar was displayed at Watson's viewing.

"It so deeply touched me that this man had such a faith in God that he had this little altar in his home."

The Sunday before the new year, McGuire shared that story with his congregation and later during the service, nearly 100 altars were distributed throughout the crowd.

"In our day and time, the thought of prayer is something that mostly takes place at church, when really the home is the first institution of worship," said McGuire.

"You have to get down and pray and ask God to lead your footsteps," said Marcia Hill, who now has an altar in her home.  "That's what the world needs."

They're small wooden altars, having a big impact on one East Texas church.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.   llivingston@kltv.com