Thieves Burglarize East Texas Businesses

Surveillance photos show the aftermath of the destructive burglary. Thieves drove a stolen vehicle into Four Corners Grocery store, stole the safe and fled, leaving nothing but debris.

"If they would have done this when somebody was here or the store was open, somebody could have gotten hurt. It would have been terrible," said Sharon Beasley, Assistant Manger at Four Corners Grocery.

"You just don't ever think about these little stores getting broken into, and when it happens it's hard to believe," said Charles Harris, a Four Corners customer.

Thieves also hit the C&C grocery store just two miles up the road from Four Corners. The manger said that they only got away with some cigars and a couple of dolls. The surveillance video shows the thieves throwing a cinder block through the front door, smashing the glass.

"They were looking for money in this store, [but] we do not leave any money in here. We don't even have a safe in this store. The money goes straight to the bank," said C&C manager, Tommy Selmon.

"That's just unreal to me -- for somebody to break in a store just to get a cigar. They must have really wanted a cigar bad," said Harris.

Upshur county investigators believe that the robberies may have been related. So far, no suspects have been arrested in either robberies. If you have any information, call Upshur County or Wood County authorities.

LaKecia Shockley,Reporting