Drivers Say New Stop Signs Are Creating A Death Trap

Confusing drivers and creating a hazardous situation.

"This is a through road, there shouldn't be a stop sign there and there," said Patricia Holmes, concerned driver.

Drivers said the two new stop signs on Old Omen Road are being knocked over nearly every day. They said the two new additions create an ever more dangerous situation for drivers.

"We're going to have a wreck here one day," said Mitzi Britt, Smith County resident.

"I've almost been tail-ended a couple of times from people who aren't going to stop and almost ran into me," said Charles Bullard, concerned driver.

"If you're not used to them and you come through here it's going cause somebody to have a wreck," said Wayne Boyd.

Someone is so against the signs that they're illegally pulling them down.

"You get up in the morning and they're torn down, then the afternoon they're put up," said Holmes.

"Someone with a good truck and a good bumper I imagine is pulling them down," said Boyd.

"From the way I've seen the stop signs laying in the ditches I think that most people don't like it, so there is a problem," said Bullard.

The Smith County Sheriff's Department said they are stepping up patrols in the area.

"they're useless," said Holmes.  "It's a waste of the county's money, the taxpayers money I should say."

"I think they should take the stop signs down," said Bullard.

But no matter what drivers' opinions may be of the new stop signs, Smith County officials said taking the law in your own hands is not a safe solution either.

If caught, Smith County officials said the vandal could face charges of destruction of public property.

Courtney Lane, Reporting