Soldier From Jefferson Injured in Army Training

A training exercise by U.S. Army Mountain Troops on March 20th at Fort Drum New York, went tragically wrong when artillery fire was misdirected into ground troops, killing two men and seriously injuring five others. Twenty Two year old private first class Mark Pearson of Lake O' the Pines was one of the wounded, suffering multiple shrapnel wounds and having his leg broken in two places. His family agonized for hours; not knowing what his injuries were. Mark's wounds were so dibilitating that he has had five surgeries, and has been in therapy since leaving the hospital.

Family members have tried to help pay the couples bills since Marks wife quit her job to be at home with him, since the Army offers no home nursing. Mark's father feels that the Army's mistake may have cost his son a promising future. Although Pearson wants to remain in the army.  His injuries may disable him... His family just wants others to know he was a good soldier.  And he accepts the price of serving. The army is investigating how the accident occurred. Meanwhile Pearson is expected to undergo one to two years of therapy to recover from his injuries.