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A Better East Texas: Teens, Drugs and Parents

President Bush recently released a report about the decline in teenage drug use. While this is great news, the decline was for illegal drugs, such as marijuana. The report cites a growing problem among prescription drug use - especially painkillers.

 So where are kids getting them? Sadly, the new drug dealer in America might just be mom or dad. This problem came to light right here in East Texas when 6 Quitman teenagers were hospitalized after taking a mystery drug at school while in class. Authorities later discovered it to be a parent's blood pressure medication. While I'm not accusing parents of pushing pills, I do think we all need to be more aware of this growing problem.

Parents should do two things: First, talk to your kids. Remind them of the dangers in taking any type of pills or "medication" not prescribed to them.

Second, take inventory of your medicine cabinet. Throw out old prescriptions. Keep track of your current ones to know how long they should last. Use a lock if necessary. The war on drugs - illegal and prescription - begins at home. Parents who are aware and educated about the problems affecting their teens are what make this A Better East Texas.

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