LSU's Black Inspires, Befriends Ailing Tiger Fan

As the LSU Tigers take to the field in the BCS Title game on Monday, Robert E. Lee graduate Ciron Black will play his heart out.

With one letter from his computer, Ciron helped inspire a young LSU fan, battling for his life.

Ciron's parents, Ronnie and Sandra Black, shared the touching story with KLTV 7 Sports.

Holding a copy of Ciron's letter in his hand, Sandra began to read with a mother's love and pride.

" 'My name is Ciron Black. I am the left tackle for the team.' "

" 'God has a plan for all of us and for some reason he put it on my heart to write to you tonight,'" Sandra read as she dabbed away tears. "I get a little teary," she said before continuing the letter. " 'Some people see us as heroes because of how we play, but the truth is, you are a hero.' "

Ciron's simple, selfless act of writing one message has inspired young Michael Conger to keep up his fight against leukemia. Michael's leukemia was once in remission, but the disease powered its way back into his life. Michael is a patient at St. Jude's hospital in Memphis. Like thousands of young boys from Louisiana, Michael is a huge LSU fan. 

Word of his illness reached Ciron.

"His aunt had emailed a lot of the players and he was reading through it and he just had heartfelt compassion for the little boy and he just wanted to do something for him," Sandra said.

Ciron give his new found friend "Mickey" his personal cell number and invited his family to a meeting. Mickey was too sick to make the trip, but Ciron sent back the gift of gifts: his SEC championship football, autographed by the entire team.

"Ciron always loved children so it's easy for him," his father Ronnie said. "We taught all of our children, being in church, to always give. So it's real simple to give. If we have it, we share with other people."

Ciron asked Mickey for permission to write his name on his wrist tape as he takes to the field for the national championship game.

Mickey will be a part of every LSU offensive play.

"Tears just streamed down by face when (Ciron) said it. We face a lot of things, but the problems that this child is going through are just amazing," Sandra said.

News of Ciron's inspiration began to reach LSU fans and the national media. Words like "class act" and "hero" being used to describe the East Texan.

Mickey's website guestbook has received more than 2,500 signatures of encouragement from Tiger fans all over the country.

" (Ciron) said, 'Mama, I don't know, I just wanted to help him and everybody found out about it!' I said, 'Baby it's okay give me a hug!' He has a big heart. He's a big fellow but he has a big heart."

Mickey and Ciron have not yet met face to face, but Ciron hopes to change that and present Mickey with national champion gifts.