Neighborhood Gears Up To Welcome Home An East Texas Soldier

22-year-old Specialist, Arnold Gonzales, Jr. is coming back home to Longview. Specialist Gonzales has spent the last two years fighting in Iraq. KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley went to his neighborhood before his homecoming arrival.

Anna Gonzales isn't the only person that's anxious for her son to return home from Iraq. Anna's entire neighborhood is decorated to welcome an East Texas soldier home. "I wanted him to have a welcome so I started putting up yellow ribbons on the streets and at the street lights.  The neighbors got involved and they wanted ribbons on their fence lines and on their yards so, they started helping out and putting the ribbons up in yards. Ribbon after ribbon, yellow, red, white, and blue. Neighbors like Rita Pike, whose grandson is currently serving in the army, says she's proud to welcome Gonzales home and wouldn't have it any other way. "No matter how cold it is or how hard the wind's blowing I will be out here waiting  because the day that my grandson comes home I expect the same thing," said Rita Pike. "I know Arnold is in the the airborne infantry which made his job really...really dangerous. I just want to say thank you," said Harold Pike. Just to think that there's people out there that really care and they show it and are not afraid. This has been just wonderful," said Anna Gonzalez. Wonderful that a street and a neighborhood could band together to welcome a proud soldier home." I'm proud of my son, I'm proud of all our boys. They put their life on the line. They do it voluntarily. There's no draft. Their the heroes..they are the true heroes."

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting.