PATH Says "Thank-You" to Volunteers

70,000 hours: That's how much of time was worked last year, for free, by PATH volunteers in Smith County.  Today, the charity said "thank you."

A luncheon in Tyler drew more than a hundred people, many of them longtime volunteers. They are the heart of the PATH organization, which helps out low-income families and children.  The needs never end.

Donna Luker of PATH says, "If we did not have our volunteers, PATH could not operate, as effeciently and well as it does, so they are vital to the operations of PATH."

Greg Grubb, a 7-year volunteer said, "I get a sense of accomplishing what I'm supposed to be doing, I think the Lord has directed me to be involved in our community and this is my way of doing that."

PATH stands for "People Attempting To Help". And just one example of the work they do: last Summer, 500 people worked to get more than 27,000 free meals to children in low-income areas.