New Year, New Baby

Already, 2008 is starting off as a pretty exciting year for some East Texas couples. That's because they rang in the New Year with a new baby! Longview's first baby of 2008 and last baby of 2007 were born only two hours apart at Good Shepherd Medical Center.

Just an hour after the ball dropped in New York City, here in East Texas seven-pound, eight-ounce Jose Humbreto Garcia Junior was being placed in the arms of his loving parents.

"Oh, I cried," says Mom Felicia Garcia.

Humbreto is now the youngest of five kids but it seems he knew exactly what to do to set himself apart.  Due on January third, he decided to come early and be the first baby born in Longview for 2008.

"Maybe he just wanted to be on the cameras...just as long as he came and he was alright and healthy," Felicia says.

But little Humbreto had some competition for the title.  It was thought seven-pound, eight-ounce Serenity Freeman would be the first baby but instead, she was born an hour earlier.

'It's something for her to remember, I can sit back and show her this, when we record it and say look you were the last baby of 2007," says Mom Lois Hart.

She may have been the last baby of the year, but was first born to Lois and Dad Daniel who says she's sure to be "daddy's girl."

What a way to say goodbye to 2007 and hello to 2008.

"She came when she wanted to come," says Lois.

And with just the right timing to become famous

Tracy Watler, Reporting