Local Cab Companies Prepare For Biggest Night Of Year

Local cab companies said New Year's Eve is the biggest night of the year for them, and that they are prepared with extra cabs and extra drivers.

The company that owns all three of Tyler's cab services said they expect somewhere between 200 to 300 calls. That's double a typical Friday or Saturday night.

In preparation for those calls they have doubled their fleet going from about ten cabs to twenty five. That number includes a few shuttles and vans to accommodate large groups traveling to and from parties. They said the biggest night of the year is not about the money.

"If they can't afford a ride they will not be turned down. They will be taken home and taken home in a safe matter," said David Archer, President, Taxi Cab Company of Tyler. "So money to us is not an issue this evening.  It is the safety of people on the road and those in our cars."

The company suggested if you are going to take a cab, call ahead to give them as much lead time as possible and be patient. With the high volume of calls there might be some wait time.

Now it is a bit of a different story in Longview. The cab company that typically has about two cabs on the road will have five cabs and told us they expect somewhat of a slow night.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com