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A Better East Texas: Tony Romo

Everywhere you go these days people are talking about Cowboys' Quarterback Tony Romo.

 It's been a lot of fun to watch this guy go from third-string bench-warmer to football legend, right before our eyes. But for me the most impressive thing about Romo is his character. His composure when he takes the field. His ability to make big plays under pressure. Even his humble demeanor when facing the media is refreshing.

With so much negative attention on professional sports, from cheating coaches to law-breaking players, Tony Romo reminds us why we love to watch football. He makes big plays to pull out big wins, but is always quick to credit his team mates for a job well done.

And just watching this guy, you can tell he is actually having FUN playing the game! Life is about good sportsmanship. Whether you're on the football field or just trying to navigate through traffic, displaying good character (win or lose) is what makes this a Better East Texas. Oh, and one other thing, "How ‘bout them Cowboys!!"

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