Public Report Reveals Criminal Activity at Tyler Apartments

Tyler apartment residents are still on edge after another sexual assault case occurred in an apartment complex Saturday.

Complex residents, however, can arm themselves with knowledge by checking an apartment complex's criminal history before moving in.

Every six months Tyler police process the "Tyler Police Department Apartment Analysis" report. It shows the number of calls made to police from every apartment complex in Tyler, and the nature of each call.

Apartment hunters or residents can stop by Tyler Police Department for a copy of the report, or check with an apartment manager.

"If a person is looking for an apartment and they want to compare.They can come up here and look through the report and look at two or three apartments at the same time," said Officer Chris Moore with Tyler Police Department.

In the most recent report, from January 1, 2001 to June 30,of 2001, we evaluated the number of police calls made from apartments inside and outside Loop 323.

Inside the loop, those with the most police calls were Tyler Square Apartments with 160 units, 289 calls; Tyler Courts, 20 units, 31 calls; Grand Manor, 120 units, 135 calls.

Complexes with the least calls inside the loop were Plantation Pines, 88 units, 7 calls; The Barclay, 76 units,7 calls; Towne Oaks Town homes,136 units, 15 calls.

Outside the loop, those with the most calls came from Oxford Pointe 151 units, 109 calls; Eastwood Apartments,100 units, 89 calls; Hidden Springs, 80 units, 74 calls.

Those with the least amount of calls outside the loop were Raintree Village, 61 units, 3 calls; Hunter's Glen, 226 units, 16 calls; The Establishment, 86 units, 7 calls.

The Barclay on South Broadway has consistently had few calls. The manager Terry Strawn says the complex is supervised 24 hours a day and cameras monitor their grounds.

He says most of all everyone in his community knows each other and communicate about what's going on.

Apartment hunters can even go online to and read what other residents have to say about certain complexes.

Police say it's also wise to ask property managers for a report. Apartment hunters can also go to the police station and ask to see the statistics.